Daniel Andersson

Recap of DrupalCamp Oslo 2018 with the links, videos and slides we have.

Thanks so much for everyone coming and making this one of our best events for far.

In this post we will provide a short recap with all the links, videos, slides that we can gather from the camp. Not all sessions where recorded but most of them.
Supercut: https://youtu.be/a0Kw5tz-C0k

Session 1.
Succeeding at Digital Government the Open Source Way
Jeffrey A. “jam” McGuire kicked the event off with giving us the larger picture in the keynote for the event.

Session 2.
Difi continued with a great talk about how Difi is working and the pros and cons with Drupal.

Session 3.
DeGov and the what Reykjavik Municipality is doing on Drupal. Baddy got us all excited for working together and showed us how it can be done in Germany.
Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1rTGG_zDUBYi-xcMY1tgh3KrCJd_TKJ_…

Session 4.
Stian Hågensen from Bouvet gave us a thorough walktrough how how the built both the website and intranet for Municipality of Midtre Gauldal kommune.

Session 5.
Askøy Municipality have been using Joomla for many years and they are now considering going over to Drupal. In this talk they talk about their process.

Session 6.
Jorid Bodin talk about how Sikresiden.no was developed with Drupal as a collaboration with all the universities and colleges in Norway

Session 7.
Build your pages build with Drupal Gutenberg. The CTO of Frontkom showed us that they are doing with Gutenberg. The session was not filmed in Oslo but you can see the talk they did in Darmstadt here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w64lOx4u2bI and their second presentation here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ra8B4UFz4hs&feature=youtu.be

Session 8.
Breaking the double digit, no wait, double digit millions, barrier for products.
Eirik showed us how they built Akademika new store with millions of pages in Drupal 8.

Session 9.
Knut from Sanity came and showed us how they built the headless

Session 10.
Let's write secure Drupal code!
In my session I'll show the most common vulnerabilities that our Drupal code can have and how we should be prepared to avoid such an unsecure code to be released. The presentation covers trends in vulnerabilities, starting in general aspects then showing Drupal specific ones. I'll also speak about what we should do if we find any vulnerabilities in contributed solutions.
Be ready for some showcases where we'll check Drupal 7 and 8 codes that are vulnerable and will fix them in live demo!
Slides: https://www.slideshare.net/tatarbj/lets-write-secure-drupal-code-drupal…

Session 11.
JavaScript Modernisation Initiative
Back in 2007, the very first iPhone was released, the last Harry Potter book was published, and Britney Spears had an extra tough year. Also, Drupal 5 shipped with jQuery. Over ten years later, not much has changed with Drupal's JavaScript architecture, but in the meantime the way we build websites has hugely shifted, and as a consequence Drupal's role has shifted too. Roughly a year ago an initiative was started to take a more modern approach to JavaScript, including adopting React. This session will provide an update on the Admin UI & JavaScript Modernisation group, detailing progress on our decoupled administration application, some of the hard problems we're dealing with, and how we're envisioning a new content editor experience for Drupal.

Session 12.
Drupal is full of opportunities
About volunteering and open source contribution. A journey about what you can do for Drupal and what it can do for you. In this talk, I will explore what is going on in the Drupal ecosystem with a focus on contribution and volunteering. There are many ways how you can contribute, and Drupal benefits from all of them. But more important, contributing provides every one of us with career opportunities, personal opportunities, and friendships across companies, countries and continents. Using Drupal Europe 2018 as example I will highlight successes and obstacles of and discuss a sustainable contribution system for Drupal.
Slides: https://goo.gl/13ogzU

Session 13.
Automated updates using Violinist.io
Violinist.io is a tool that automatically monitors and updates your PHP based websites. Using composer, we can now finally know which of our dependencies are out of date, and automate their updates.
Combine this with a solid setup of continuous integration and continuous deployment, and your Drupal maintenance burden will be much less of a burden.
This session will walk through some simple examples of setup, and examples on how we can achieve all these things, all the way to automating core updates.

Session 14.
Building Multilingual Websites with Drupal 8
Drupal 8 offers much more out of the box for building multilingual sites. It is much more powerful and offers greater flexibility than Drupal 7, and all without the need for the i18n contrib module!
Having built multiple multilingual websites in Drupal 8, including one with 13 distinct languages across 4 different regions, this session will cover the basics of configuring your content to be multilingual, and briefly touching on localising content for different regions and the various pitfalls encountered and lessons learned along the way.
The session will touch on the following areas:
Configuring your languages and language negotiation
Translating nodes and taxonomy terms
The joys and pains of translating paragraphs
Regionalisation (aka localisation)
Attendees should be proficient at Drupal site-building, familiar with content types, views, etc. Familiarity with multilingual in Drupal 7 not required, but might be helpful.

Session 15.
How to build a Gutenberg block for your Drupal site
Marco Fernandes and Frank Gjertsen will follow up on the session Build your pages build with Drupal Gutenberg. We’re going to show you how to build custom blocks. It will be a bit technical, and code editors might be seen.
You will learn:
- How to build a Gutenberg block (of course)
- Building blocks for Gutenberg Cloud (or without)
- Portuguese (by request)

Session 16.
Managing people
Roman Paska from Lemberg told us about how they work in their company

See all recordings from the camp on our youtubechannel